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Friday, August 19, 2016

Review of the Mossberg Patriot Synthetic Bolt-action Rifle Chambered in .308 Win.

 This review will be on the Mossberg Patriot Synthetic Bolt-action rifle in .308 Win.  The rifle has an MSRP of $384 but can be readily purchased for less than $300.  I purchased mine from The Sportsman's Guide. I have added an NcStar full-size friction precision-grade bipod, a Fox Outdoor Products rifle butt stock cheek rest with a homemade cheek riser, a set of Butler Creek Multiflex flip-up lens covers and a CVLife 6-24 x 50 AOE red/green illuminate mil-dot scope.  I have also added a custom camouflage paint job. I have paired my rifle with Freedom Munitions .308 Win 150 grain FMJ Remanufactured ammunition.

  Let's get right to it. After completing my modifications I loaded up and headed to the range for my initial zeroing session.  I was pleasantly surprised with the feel of the firearm and the crispness of the trigger (approximately 2.5-3 lbs. out of the box). I bore-sighted my scope at 50 yds using the down the barrel technique ( Sighting in a new scope is such a pain... or is it.)  Once I was satisfied with my bore-sighting I loaded up a round a fired my first shot 7" low and 6" left; I made my corrections and fired a second shot, .5" low and .5" left.  After making my last few adjustments I fired my first of two 3-shot groups; my first group landed in a .20" group and my second was even smaller, with both groups landing with in the 1.5" circle and 5 of 6 shots in a 5/8" diamond.  Sub MOA out of a sub $400 rifle. I have only had the opportunity to shoot out to 400 yds as of now, but I did shoot a .5 MOA group at that distance, so to say I am happy with this rifle would be an understatement.  

 The ergonomics of the rifle are great the length of pull, the drop of the comb, trigger pull everything is great.  In no way does it feel like a sub $400 rifle.  The bolt is fluted so it is lighter and moves with ease on both extraction and feeding; it is rock solid when you lock in the bolt.  The trigger has the slightest amount of take up with most of it coming from engaging the Lightning Bolt Trigger (LBT), but the release is crisp and consistent.  

  If you are in the market for a reasonably priced true shooting, hard hitting long range bolt gun I would highly recommend you give the Mossberg Patriot a hard look.  

Caliber .308 WIN
Capacity 5 (Detachable Magazine)
Barrel Type Fluted
Barrel Length 22"

Twist 1:10
Weaver Style Bases

Fully Fluted Bolt
Lightning Bolt (LBT) User Adjustable Trigger (2-7 lbs.)
LOP Type Fixed
LOP 13.75"
Barrel Finish Matte Blued
Stock Finish Synthetic (Black)
Weight 6.5
Length 42.75"

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always Carry."


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