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Friday, July 8, 2016

Gun Control Won't Guarantee Your Safety

Gun violence happens when a violent individual controls a gun. Violent people usually control guns outside of the boundaries set forth by the law and they rarely obtain their firearms legally. Gun control is all about the laws surrounding firearms. By tightening some of the laws on responsible gun owners, violent criminals are allowed more freedom to commit acts of violence with firearms. The focus needs to be on the right methods of weapon control and not all methods. The harsh reality of the matter is that if I'm doing my grocery shopping and a shooter picks that moment in time to attack the store, the only person that is going to protect me is me. Not the police, who haven't even got the phone call yet. Not the National Guard, not the Border Patrol, not the Game Warden, not the Secret Service and certainly not the President. It may sound good to a lot of people to take the guns away. "If there aren't any guns, then there won't be any shootings." I agree, but it isn't that simple when illegal weapons make their way to black market vendors, making them far easier to buy than visiting a legitimate store. If the dangerous people with malicious intent can carry a gun then I want one too. At least give me a fighting chance to protect myself against an attacker. Something to think about... If you are asking for the wrong kind of gun control, then you are asking a future victim of gun violence, maybe someone you care about, friend, family; you are asking them to go out in public, a dangerous place lately, without an effective way to protect themselves. Do you think they would wish they had a way to fight back when a gun is pulled on them?

Proposals that are struggling in congress, reported by USA Today, include an expansion of background checks and a block on people that are on the no-fly list from and a bill to create a process that will legally bar a suspected terrorist from buying a firearm. Arguments are preventing any real progress to take place.

As for me, I think a hold on the no-fly list names would be a more reasonable than an outright ban, I don't have a problem sacrificing my privacy in order to own firearms, and I've got no problem keeping weapons out of the hands of people that are likely to terrorize others. These are reasonable in my opinion. I still feel like our personal protection still falls on us, though. When it comes down to the facts all of the laws in the world won't stop a lawbreaker from breaking the law.

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