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Friday, June 3, 2016

Ladies Armed

Lots of women out there won’t carry a firearm for an arsenal of reasons that all stack up in favor of giving up their right to do so. A few of the reasons that I’ve heard include the fear that someone might take it from them, the inability to wear their favorite outfits, and the discomfort of having an additional bulky and most often unneeded accessory.

Let’s start with that third one. It is true that your firearm is most often completely unneeded, but think about a time when you find yourself in a place that you never intended to go, and bearing down on you is a person who you know has malicious intentions. There are thousands of ways to get into a situation like that without intending to do so. I was running low on fuel late one night while traveling for a family emergency. I had to stop at a seedy little station in the middle of nowhere because cell phones didn’t have the “tell me what’s around me” feature. The lighting was bad, the employees were indifferent and the pinpricks of warning that your body sends off when danger is near were going crazy. I didn’t have a firearm that night and I am lucky that it was so late that even the bad guys had gone home, but the point is you can find yourself in a situation where you want protection even when you don’t expect to.

Dressing fashionably is another excuse I often hear when it comes to carrying a weapon. Ideally, you should shop and dress around your weapon, but I know that isn’t always possible. To this, I say you can always get creative. It is always best to have your firearm on your body and there are many ways to carry that make this a viable option, but if you absolutely can’t carry on your body, then carry in your purse. My favorite place to go is Gun Goddess because they have so many options for concealing fashionably. And of course, if you would rather carry in your purse, I have a site for that as well. At Warrior Creek, they make a bag that you can wear 8 ways so that it is versatile, comfortable and always attached.

As for the worry that someone will take it from you, it is one I hear a lot. I know I have the same concern myself. This concern is always the strongest with a new carrier. Gaining confidence with your weapon and your abilities goes a long way when easing this worry, and the best way to gain confidence is with practice. Visiting the range regularly and self-defense classes are great confidence boosters. Wearing your firearm around the house is also a great way to grow accustomed to the feel and gain confidence while carrying in a comfortable place.

If it worries you to carry around a loaded gun then start by carrying around an unloaded one. As long as you treat your firearm as if it is always loaded and dangerous then you can safely gain the confidence you need to carry a loaded firearm while creating good habits. I know it sounds counterproductive, but in a dangerous situation, if someone takes an unloaded gun from you, they’ll likely hit you with it and run… which is certainly preferable to death. It won’t take long for you to gain a level of comfort with your firearm that will allow you to carry confidently.

All that being said… never underestimate the skills of a bad guy, and never overestimate your own skills. Above all never ever forget that a gun is dangerous. Accidents only occur when complacency creeps into one’s routine.


  1. Awesome article. The womens cc industry has come a long way. So many options are available. Plus great ideas for getting use to carrying.