"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry." ~ The Recoil Recitals

Monday, May 30, 2016

Interview with Chris Tedder, President of Clinger Holsters.

Clinger Holsters designs and manufactures deep concealment holsters for multiple firearms.  The Clinger Holsters headquarters is located in Van Buren, Arkansas.  They currently produce 3 different holsters, the Atom®, the No-Print Wonder® and the Stingray®. The Recoil Recitals (RR) had the pleasant opportunity to interview the President of Clinger Holsters Chris Tedder (C.T.) and this is what he had to say.

(RR) Let’s start with the Clinger Holsters origins. How did the company get started?

(C.T.) The company was started on the idea of carrying any size gun you want without worrying about the gun printing through your shirt. Our focus at Clinger Holsters is Deep Concealment & a Small Footprint. Our holsters are barely bigger than the gun themselves and conceal great. The No Print Wonder holster is the best concealment holster available on the market today because of our Patent-Pending Cling Tab system. The Cling Tab system uses a stiff Cling Tab with a flexible Flex Tab that really pulls the grip in close to your body when you cinch your belt down.

(RR) How did the name and logo come to be?

(C.T.) Our name has a two-fold meaning. First, your gun will "cling" to your side so well that we decided to name our company Clinger Holsters. Also, President Obama referred to us gun-toting Americans as "Bitter Clingers" because we "cling to our bibles and our guns". The name seemed to fit perfectly. That little crab in our logo is pretty good at clinging to things too. We thought it would be a great mascot.

(RR) How well do your holsters hold up to everyday use?

(C.T.) In a word...great. They have a lifetime warranty for a reason: they don't wear out. Leather & nylon holsters will wear out over time. Our's won't.

(RR) What is it that makes your holsters superior to others?

(C.T.) Our holsters conceal better than any other holster because of our Cling Tab system. Our holsters specialize in pulling the grip in close to the body. In addition our holsters have the smallest footprint possible. The holster is barely bigger than the gun itself.

(RR) We are always hearing about office pranks, are there any office shenanigans at Clinger Holsters?

(C.T.) Not really. We're all pretty darn busy. Everyone's trying to hit a quota so they can get their bonuses. It's hard to to have time for shenanigans when we're backordered 4 weeks.

(RR) Are there any plans for custom colors in the future?

(T.C.) We used to make holsters with different colors. However, 95% of our customers want black believe it or not. We have since phased out most color options. We're about to phase out the last couple of colors that we currently offer.

(RR) Are there any plans for a line of outside the waistband holsters?

(C.T.) Yes! We are currently testing a couple of prototypes. We hope to have them listed within 2-4 weeks.

(RR) Does Clinger Holsters have any secret plans for the future?

(C.T.) Yes! We are currently working on bringing back our Comfort Holster line. It's getting closer to production. It will add a layer of comfort between your body and the Kydex holster. We have a couple more holsters that will be released before the end of the year as well.

(RR) What is the best way for everyone to get in touch with Clinger Holsters?

(T.C.) Our Customer Care Team is available by phone from 8:00 AM and 2:00PM Central Time. We also try to answer most emails within 24 hours at cs@ClingerHolsters.com. 

(RR) Is there anything else that you would like to add for our readers today?

(T.C.) Although our main focus is Deep Concealment and a Small Footprint, our secondary focus is on affordable prices. We sell our entry level holster for $19.99. That's actually below our cost to produce it. It helps generate some buzz for Clinger Holsters and provides a great holster for anyone out there who needs one for under $20. We will always try to provide the best concealment holsters at the best price.

Pictured above is my personal Sarsilmaz (SAR) B6P Compact, with my Stingray® by Clinger Holsters. Not only is it very sturdy, it is very comfortable and it even makes concealing this firearm possible with little to no printing. For those who do not know; finding holsters specifically made for the SAR B6P Compact is almost impossible.

In conclusion; if you are looking for a great, affordable and highly concealable holster check out Clinger Holsters. Not only are there holsters top notch but so is their staff.  It is hard to beat their 2-week Risk-free Guarantee with a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. As if that wasn't enough; they offer a true Lifetime Warranty that covers everything minus clips and screws, if your holster ever wears out they will repair or replace it for LIFE.

On behalf of myself and the Recoil Recitals family; I would like to personally thank Chris Tedder, President of Clinger Holsters for taking the time to participate in this interview.  I would also like to wish Clinger Holsters the very best for what the future may hold.

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry."


  1. Only problem with his service is he takes forever to ship to customers, and extremely poor communication. His ebay feedback is horrendous!

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