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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hunting Season is Upon Us... Have You Thought About Scent Elimination?

 Now that hunting season has arrived throughout the country, it is time to change gears on the blog. I am going to start with a quick post on scent elimination. This is one of the main things that must be taken into consideration when you head out on the hunt.  It has been stated that a deer can smell 500 to 1,000 times better than a human; and that they can smell a human up to a 1/4 mile away, so the use of a good scent eliminator is paramount.  

  I have been given a great opportunity to represent one of the fastest growing scent elimination companies on the market; as a Field Staff member for UpWind Odor Eliminator.  Their proven Charged Copper Catalyst technology is one of the most advanced odor-eliminating compounds out there. It has been tested and proven to control a broad spectrum of human, food, and chemical odors, yet it remains non-irritating, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. 

 The charged copper catalyst has been trusted for years in the healthcare and industrial sectors. Charged copper catalyst rapidly reacts with oxygen to neutralized odor causing bacteria. UpWind's copper formula remains stable for an unlimited shelf life. But here is the kicker and you will be hard pressed to find it anywhere else.  UpWind Odor Eliminator products come with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; that's right they are so confident in their products abilities that if you are not completely satisfied, send it back. 

 So do yourself a favor and head over to the UpWind website and check out their great odor elimination products and hunt down odors and have the ability to Hunt UpWind. While you are there why not go ahead and join the #UpWindNation and become part of the team. Here is my referral link. Fill out an application and put my name Chris Parker and referral # 1315 in when you sign up.

 "Never Let Your Gun Suffer From Separation Anxiety, Always Carry"

Friday, August 19, 2016

Review of the Mossberg Patriot Synthetic Bolt-action Rifle Chambered in .308 Win.

 This review will be on the Mossberg Patriot Synthetic Bolt-action rifle in .308 Win.  The rifle has an MSRP of $384 but can be readily purchased for less than $300.  I purchased mine from The Sportsman's Guide. I have added an NcStar full-size friction precision-grade bipod, a Fox Outdoor Products rifle butt stock cheek rest with a homemade cheek riser, a set of Butler Creek Multiflex flip-up lens covers and a CVLife 6-24 x 50 AOE red/green illuminate mil-dot scope.  I have also added a custom camouflage paint job. I have paired my rifle with Freedom Munitions .308 Win 150 grain FMJ Remanufactured ammunition.

  Let's get right to it. After completing my modifications I loaded up and headed to the range for my initial zeroing session.  I was pleasantly surprised with the feel of the firearm and the crispness of the trigger (approximately 2.5-3 lbs. out of the box). I bore-sighted my scope at 50 yds using the down the barrel technique ( Sighting in a new scope is such a pain... or is it.)  Once I was satisfied with my bore-sighting I loaded up a round a fired my first shot 7" low and 6" left; I made my corrections and fired a second shot, .5" low and .5" left.  After making my last few adjustments I fired my first of two 3-shot groups; my first group landed in a .20" group and my second was even smaller, with both groups landing with in the 1.5" circle and 5 of 6 shots in a 5/8" diamond.  Sub MOA out of a sub $400 rifle. I have only had the opportunity to shoot out to 400 yds as of now, but I did shoot a .5 MOA group at that distance, so to say I am happy with this rifle would be an understatement.  

 The ergonomics of the rifle are great the length of pull, the drop of the comb, trigger pull everything is great.  In no way does it feel like a sub $400 rifle.  The bolt is fluted so it is lighter and moves with ease on both extraction and feeding; it is rock solid when you lock in the bolt.  The trigger has the slightest amount of take up with most of it coming from engaging the Lightning Bolt Trigger (LBT), but the release is crisp and consistent.  

  If you are in the market for a reasonably priced true shooting, hard hitting long range bolt gun I would highly recommend you give the Mossberg Patriot a hard look.  

Caliber .308 WIN
Capacity 5 (Detachable Magazine)
Barrel Type Fluted
Barrel Length 22"

Twist 1:10
Weaver Style Bases

Fully Fluted Bolt
Lightning Bolt (LBT) User Adjustable Trigger (2-7 lbs.)
LOP Type Fixed
LOP 13.75"
Barrel Finish Matte Blued
Stock Finish Synthetic (Black)
Weight 6.5
Length 42.75"

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always Carry."

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Political Correctness needs to be replaced by Patriotic Correctness.

 So what do I mean when I say Political Correctness needs to be replaced by Patriotic Correctness? Let me try to explain, in our country political correctness has become ridiculously outrageous; you have to watch what you say so you do not "trigger" someone and send them running to their "safe-space". On the other hand, patriotic correctness is saying what needs to be said without worrying about offending someone else. If our Forefathers had worried about being politically correct as opposed to patriotically correct we would still be under English rule. 

  Political Correctness is infringing on one's 1st Amendment right so as to not offend those who may not agree. Our country now caters to those that think political correctness is the only way we as a society should act. The mainstream media or our president will not refer to the horrific atrocities that have been happening as what they are, terrorist attacks. Whether they are based on religion or race they are still terrorist attacks. As a politically correct country, we are told turn our backs on our heritage; due to the fact that a flag may be offensive to some. 

  Patriotic Correctness is one's right under the 1st Amendment; to say what they believe without concern for another person's feelings. I support and exercise the 2nd Amendment; I believe that the right to bear arms is very important! I exercise my 2nd Amendment right with no reservations about sending someone running to their "safe-space" because my firearm "triggered" their feel-bads. I will not refrain from exercising my Constitutional rights, just because someone may get offended. Patriotic Correctness is calling a spade a spade; not calling a spade a shovel because calling it a spade may "trigger" someone.  

  In my humble opinion; if we do not move from political correctness to patriotic correctness quickly we will continue to lose our Constitutional rights. As Americans and Patriots, we must stand up for our rights.

"The darkness of tyranny is beginning to engulf our beloved nation; people are beginning to cave to the will of the government. Be it out of fear, the inability to fend for themselves or their willingness to comply the majority is allowing this country to disintegrate into ash. But fear not fellow patriots; we will rise above, as long as we maintain our virtues and continue to believe in what our Forefathers had envisioned for us. We cannot waiver on our course to make this country great once again, we must have the resolve and fortitude to fight ensuring that our rights and freedoms are not infringed upon. It is our charge to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, including a tyrannical government. We do this not only for ourselves and our families but also for those who cannot or will not do it for themselves. In our mission we will not fail, we will never surrender our bodies, our arms nor our minds. Upon the shoulders of us faithful few, we will bear the burden of reviving our country; because we are Americans, we are Patriots, we are the III%.." ~ C.W. Parker 2015

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry'. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Reveiw of the ArachniGrips Slide Spider ®

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to receive a set of ArachniGrip Slide Spider®. These grips are made to be used on your pistol's slide to increase grip in many conditions. The Slide Spider® helps not only in wet climates, but they also help with weak hand strength issues. ArachniGrips are proudly manufactured in Parker, Colorado. ArachniGrip was founded by two lifelong gun enthusiasts.

I have installed my set of Slide Spider® on my Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm and I absolutely love them. They have made such a difference when it comes to quicker reloads and racking my action for initial load up. Not only are they functional, they are very aesthetically pleasing when installed. They provide a massive amount of grip to your slide without adding bulk. I have had no issues with them snagging on my clothing while carrying concealed. I have used them in +100 degree weather with sweat running down my arms and hands with no issues. ArachniGrip Slide Spider® is easy to install, they come with great instructions and there are multiple videos on the web demonstrating the installation process. ArachniGrip offers the Slide Spider® in multiple colors and a custom shop. Slide Spider® is available for many firearm makes and manufactures. They have a starting price of about $19.95, and they are absolutely worth it. The retail package comes with two ArachniGrip Slide Spider®

In closing I must say that I am highly impressed with the Slide Spider® and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their grip when racking the slide. I never had a problem with manipulating the slide on my Shield, but I can honestly say that the ArachniGrip Slide Spider® has made a huge difference. Do not take my word for it, go out and get your own and you too will become a believer.

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review of the CazGear Pellinores OWB Holster.

If you are looking for a great inexpensive OWB pancake style Kydex holster then look no further. I have found an awesome veteran owned small business that makes quality Kydex holsters at a fraction of the price as their larger counterparts; it goes by the name of CazGear.  I have had the pleasure of speaking to the owner Jason E. personally and he is very down to earth and extremely helpful. CazGear is located in Virginia and is a one man operation, but don't be alarmed the turn around time is outstanding. The two holsters I have had made by him have been at my door in less than 10 days.

I had my first holster from CazGear made for my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9.  I went with the "Pellinores" pancake style OWB and "Squires" double magazine carrier in Kryptek Yeti. I was absolutely amazed by the quality and craftsmanship of the products. The attention to detail on the cuts, rivet placement and fit was amazing. They offer both squared and combat cuts on the lower half for better comfort. CazGear does an excellent job with the shaping of their rigs; the bend on the holster wings pulls it in tight to the body and the center bend on the magazine carrier makes it extremely comfortable for all day wear. The "Pellinores" holster has 10 eyelet rivets plus the retention screw for maximum grip of the firearm. The "Squires" double magazine carrier is equipped with 12 eyelet rivets and the fit is perfect, you do not have to worry about a magazine dropping out. I elected to have my rig outfitted with "speed-clips" instead of the standard J-hooks; I love the ease of putting them on and taking them off.  This rig is so well made and shaped to fit so snug that I have been using it as my EDC instead of my IWB. I finally had the opportunity to take it to the range and put it through its paces, and just as I had expected it was an awesome experience. 

So fast forward a little and Angie decides she wants one for her Taurus PT709 "Slim." At this point I got in contact with Jason and laid it out for him, she also wanted the "Pellinores" style holster but she had a special color request.  Jason informed me that he did not have a mold for the Taurus PT709 "Slim", but Jason is very easy to deal with and has a system in place for just such an issue. If he does not have your firearm listed just contact him through the CazGear website and he will set you up. So after everything was taken care of she received her beautiful CazGear "Pellinores" style holster within a week; it was love at first sight.

So if you are looking for that perfect Kydex holster be sure to check out CazGear.com for a great, affordable, veteran made holster that you will absolutely love. 

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry."

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sighting in a new scope is such a pain... Or is it?

Zeroing your new scope seems to be one of the biggest mysteries out there.  I am going to take you through how to properly zero your scope and hopefully clear up misconceptions you may have about the topic. I will be using a 2.125” sight height, 1/8" @ 100 yds. or 1/8 MOA (Minute of Angle) per click and Freedom Munitions Remanufactured FMJ .308 Win 150 gr. cartridge for reference. I normally zero in at 50 yards, as this is an easily obtainable distance. The Freedom Munitions Remanufactured FMJ .308 Win 150 gr. has a muzzle velocity of 2,810 f.p.s. and a ballistics coefficient of .398. A 50 yd. zero will put you approximately -1.49 MOA @ 200 yds. So there will not be much adjusting needed to be made inside those distances. Beyond those distances, simple elevation corrections are dialed in via the elevation turret on the scope -7.13 MOA @ 400 yds. -10.69 MOA @ 500 yds. for reference.

Let’s Boresight the Scope.

1) Mount the scope to the rifle using the rings. It’s easy to mount your scope slightly crooked. Over torquing when screwing the top ring down can slightly cant the scope, and that slight cant is all takes to throw it off. Using a scope leveling kit can help drastically.

2) Center your scope’s turrets (windage and elevation knobs). This is done by turning the turret all the way in one direction left or right. Start with the elevation turret and turn it all the way up, then turn it all the way back down, while counting the number of clicks it takes until it stops. Divide that number by 2, and then turn the turret that many clicks the other way. This will center the crosshairs, now do the windage turret. Your crosshairs are now centered, not zeroed, centered. *This is an optional step, you can just start from where they are.

3) With the scope now mounted, crosshairs centered (if you chose to do so) and the rifle is unloaded. Take the gun to a place where you can see about 50 yds. away. This can be done outside or it can be done inside while looking through a window. Remove the bolt from the gun, so that you can see through the barrel.

4) Secure the gun with shooting bags, a gun vise, or the gun’s bipod whatever you have and point it at an object 50 yds. Away.  Look inside the barrel of the gun, and center the barrel of the gun on a distant object.

5) Without touching the gun, lift your eye up to the scope. Do you see the same object? If so, is the scope centered on the same object that the barrel is? If it does that’s great. Chances are it will not work out like that.  If it doesn’t; which it probably won’t, slowly turn the elevation and windage knobs until the center of the crosshairs matches the view inside the barrel.
Once your crosshairs point to what you see through the barrel; you are “bore sighted” and you should at least be on paper with your first shots.

Time to throw some lead!

6) Securely support your rifle using sandbags, a gun vise or a bipod. The less you touch the rifle the better.  Load 1 round into your rifle. Line your crosshairs on the center of your 50 yd. target, squeeze off a shot; remembering to use proper technique including breath control, trigger squeeze, cheek weld and sight picture.
Where did you hit, High, Low, Left, Right?  If you can’t see the shot through the scope, walk downrange to the target and look, if allowed. A spotting scope or binoculars are very useful in this situation.

7) After verifying shot placement, look through the scope and align the crosshairs on the center of the target. Ensuring to keep the rifle steady, turn the windage and elevation knobs until the crosshairs are centered on the hole of your shot.

8) Fire another round, aiming for the center of the target. Your shot should be dead on. If not, repeat steps 6 and 7. Once your scope is zeroed, it is a good idea to remove the windage and elevation turret caps, using your manufacturer's instructions; without allowing the turrets to move any clicks, take the turret caps off and place them on the zero marks aka slip the scales.

9) Once you have slipped the scale you should find you mechanical zero (true zero of your scope now). This done by turning you elevation turret all the way up; you do noy need to count clicks you can count full rotations. Write the number down. Return your scope back to zero by turning the turret back the other way the same number of rotation to the zero mark.

You are now zeroed for 50 yds. You should fire at least 3-5 more shots just to verify your zero.

Will my Scope Stay Zeroed?

Your scope should remain zeroed unless you drop it, bump it hard against something or any of the following statements are true.
I used a sufficiently different load of ammunition than the one I zeroed with.
I used a heavier or lighter bullet than the bullet than the one I zeroed with.
I did not use proper technique including, holding my rifle differently, I had a different cheek weld, my breathing was erratic, I did not squeeze the trigger I pulled it.

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry."

Monday, June 20, 2016

Get Home Bags (GHB), What should they entail and should I have one, or more.

A Get Home Bag (GHB) is something you should really consider having, possibly multiple ones for every vehicle you own or use. What is a GHB used for? What should I have in my GHB? These are questions that you may be asking yourself and I will try and help you answer them. As far as should you have one; I say most definitely. What should you carry in it; well that depends on you, but I will try and give you some ideas. Let's get started.
Click here for a printable GHB / BOB Checklist.

What is a GHB used for?

First, what is a GHB? Well, it is just what it says; it is a bag you carry with you, loaded with gear that you would need to make a trek home if you ever find yourself in an SHTF situation. It should contain enough gear and essentials to get you to a better situation; like home. I would say you should set it up for at least 48 hrs. If set up properly your GHB can be used as a Bug Out Bag (BOB) with a few extra additions. Rations to bump your time frame to 72 hrs. would be recommended for BOB usage. Other firearms and ammo would also be a great addition to change it to a BOB.

What should I have in my GHB? 

As the name states the first thing you will need is a good sturdy bag. There are plenty on the market to choose from; just find one you like and that will hold up. I use the Eyourlife sport bag, it is not expensive but it is sturdy. So now that I have the bag what do I need in it? Again, this will be tailored to your needs. As a minimum, I suggest you carry spare magazines and ammo for your EDC firearm. You will need a way to carry water, some type of rations would be useful. A knife, fire starting materials, first aid supplies, and communications equipment are a must. You may find that you would like to carry other items in you GHB and that is perfectly fine, just don't pack useless gear.
Click here for a printable GHB / BOB Checklist.

Here is a breakdown of my GHB / BOB:

Spare magazines and ammunition for my EDC, BUG and other firearms
Folding Buck knife
P-51 Military style can openers
Mess kit including utensils and cooking gear
Collapsible water bottle and wide mouth plastic BPA free bottle
Baofeng GT-3 Mark II Dual-band Transceiver
Waterproof matches and backup magnesium firestarter
Mountain Home freeze dried rations
Lenstatic Compass
550 cord survival bracelet with fire starter and whistle
Mylar emergency blankets
First Aid Kit
Emergency Stove with fuel tablets

*Please note that the links I have provided are for reference only, they may or may not be the exact product I use. Also, I do not endorse any of the above-mentioned products.
Click here for a printable GHB / BOB Checklist.

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry."

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to hone your firearm skills; then the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program (MPQ) is for you.  The MPQ is informal and designed to be both fun and challenging, you can earn awards and recognition in multiple disciplines ranging from BB guns to muzzleloader.  You do not have to be an NRA member (but why wouldn't you be) to participate in the program. 

The MPQ sets forth the standards, you meet or exceed those standards.  Progression through the program is self-paced, the needed scores for each course of fire are challenging, yet attainable. Your performance will be measured against par scores laid out in the programs guidelines. Once you meet or exceed the score you will be entitled to the awards for that level. The MPQ is operated on the honor system, up until the Distinguished Expert level.  Distinguished Expert is the apex of each discipline and is nationally recognized.

The courses of fire in each discipline are designed to take you from beginner level to Distinguished Expert.  There are five skill rating levels for each discipline not counting the Distinguished Expert level. 
The levels break down as so: 
Beginning Skills: Pro-Marksman and Marksman
Intermediate Skills: Marksman 1st Class, Sharpshooter, and Expert
Once you have completed all the required courses of fire for each skill level; have acquired all of the lower level awards, you can do the Distinguished Expert course of fire. The Distinguished Expert course of fire must be scored by an active NRA member, and you must be an NRA member to be recognized.

I would recommend that all concealed carry license holders complete the Defensive Pistol I (at a minimum) and II qualification courses of fire. If you would like to know more about the MPQ or get started earning your awards here is the link to the qualification book and information you will need.

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry."

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review of Osborn Holsters TacticalTuck IWB and SuperMini Appendix IWB


  If you have read some of my prior posts, you have probably heard me mention how much I love my Osborn Holsters TacticalTuck IWB and SuperMini Appendix IWB. Well, I guess it is time to give you the lowdown on why this is.  I have been carrying my EDC M&P Sheild in the TacticalTuck IWB for about 2 months now, and I must say it has stood up very well to the Texas heat.  Not only that but it has to be one of if not the most comfortable holsters I have ever used.

  Everything from the TacticalTuck's high grain leather to its dual-clip design just screams reliability and comfort.  With the four adjustment holes on either clip; it gives you the ability to find just the right cant and ride depth you are looking for. The custom molded Kydex® shell fits your firearm perfectly and securely. The four retention screws and rubber bushings allow you to truly dial in just the right amount of retention. I really appreciate the all-steel hardware that they use on all their holsters, and I really love the fact that it is a trim, minimalist design; there is no more or no less leather on the holster than is needed to securely and comfortably hold your favorite carry gun. 

 Angela Parker (5 Fabulous Reasons to Keep aa Shooter's Log Book) uses the SuperMini Appendix IWB for her EDC with her Taurus PT-709 "Slim"  absolutely loves it. The SuperMini Appendix IWB boasts all of the same qualities as its bigger brothers, just in a smaller package. It still provides adjustable retention, cant and ride depth even though it only uses a single clip. Despite the fact that it is designed and named for appendix carry, it can be carried anywhere on the waistband. 

  No matter what Osborn Holster you choose you will love it.  They are all handmade in the Great State of Texas with high-quality materials.  All of their holsters are of the tuckable nature and have a 60-day limited money back guarantee with a lifetime defects warranty.  With 3 color options, *natural, black or brown for the leather, you can get the one that fits your style.  Osborn Holsters also offers the HorizonalMag Holster and the TacticalRig + Mag Holster so be sure to check them out, you will not be disappointed. 

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry."

*Holster Color Options

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The ArmaLite Rifle 15 aka the AR-15 Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR). They're not "assault rifles", they're "defensive rifles."

I had planned on staying away from this topic, but I figured why not.  Everyone has heard about the “Evil, Uncontrollable, Mass Murdering, 1,000 rounds a second firing (with a Bullet Button of course),” Assault Rifle 15 (AR-15). Well, there, in fact, lies the problem. For those of you who may not know or care enough to do your research; the AR in AR-15 does not stand for "assault rifle" or "automatic rifle" it stands for ArmaLite Rifle after the company who first developed it in the 1950's.  

Just for fun let's have a quick English lesson. Define the following words:
Assault: v. to violently attack (someone or something) 
Rifle: n. a shoulder weapon with a rifled bore 
Weapon: n. something (such as a gun, knife, club, or bomb) that is used for fighting or attacking someone or for defending yourself when someone is attacking you

So by definition for the AR-15 MSR to be an "assault rifle" it would have to violently attack someone or something; except this can only happen with the help of an outside force (with a shoulder, and hands). Furthermore, violence is a behavior; behaviors are fueled by emotions, rifles do not have emotions humans do. Also by definition, it is a weapon which is used also for defending oneself against an attack. So technically not only is the AR-15 MSR not an "assault rifle", one could logically state that it is a "defense rifle." I know that my personal ATI Omni Hybrid AR-15 MSR is a defensive rifle.

AR-15 MSR's are a modular firearm platform meaning you can affix different "uppers" (barrel, handguards and chamber) to the "lower" ( pistol grip, trigger and buttstock). Not only can you swap out multiple uppers and lowers. The use of Picatinny style or M-lok® by Magpul rail systems you can add all kinds of accessories like sights, bipods, foregrips etc. These are semi-automatic firearms, meaning only one round is fired each time the trigger is pulled. The AR-15 MSR platform comes in multiple calibers ranging from .22 LR to .450 Bushmaster, with the most common being 5.56/.223. You can even get uppers chambered for handgun calibers like 9mm, .40 and .45, and they even have shotgun versions. 

The charm of the AR-15 MSR comes from not only it's historical military roots, but from its ability to perform in different environments; a true all-weather firearm. Accurate, rugged and versatile are just a few words used to describe the AR-15 platform, not to mention really fun to shoot.  AR -15 MSR's are used for different types of hunting from varmint to big game and they are great for target shooting.  An AR-15 MSR is no more powerful than a normal hunting rifle. Let's refer back to earlier where the 5.56/.223 being the most common; that is way less powerful than a .270 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) or the 7mm Remington Magnum (Rem. Mag). AR-15 MSR's are used throughout the sport-shooting community whether it is 3-Gun or Long Range Precision, the AR-15 MSR platform is king. 

People who refer to an AR-15 rifle as an "assault weapon" are probably the ones trying to ban these type firearms, or they have not done any research on the rifle's sporting use, or lastly they're just __________. (Fill in the blank) The AR-15 MSR is one of today's most owned and sought-after firearms out there.  If you have one you love it, if you don't have one you want one.

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry."


Monday, May 30, 2016

Interview with Chris Tedder, President of Clinger Holsters.

Clinger Holsters designs and manufactures deep concealment holsters for multiple firearms.  The Clinger Holsters headquarters is located in Van Buren, Arkansas.  They currently produce 3 different holsters, the Atom®, the No-Print Wonder® and the Stingray®. The Recoil Recitals (RR) had the pleasant opportunity to interview the President of Clinger Holsters Chris Tedder (C.T.) and this is what he had to say.

(RR) Let’s start with the Clinger Holsters origins. How did the company get started?

(C.T.) The company was started on the idea of carrying any size gun you want without worrying about the gun printing through your shirt. Our focus at Clinger Holsters is Deep Concealment & a Small Footprint. Our holsters are barely bigger than the gun themselves and conceal great. The No Print Wonder holster is the best concealment holster available on the market today because of our Patent-Pending Cling Tab system. The Cling Tab system uses a stiff Cling Tab with a flexible Flex Tab that really pulls the grip in close to your body when you cinch your belt down.

(RR) How did the name and logo come to be?

(C.T.) Our name has a two-fold meaning. First, your gun will "cling" to your side so well that we decided to name our company Clinger Holsters. Also, President Obama referred to us gun-toting Americans as "Bitter Clingers" because we "cling to our bibles and our guns". The name seemed to fit perfectly. That little crab in our logo is pretty good at clinging to things too. We thought it would be a great mascot.

(RR) How well do your holsters hold up to everyday use?

(C.T.) In a word...great. They have a lifetime warranty for a reason: they don't wear out. Leather & nylon holsters will wear out over time. Our's won't.

(RR) What is it that makes your holsters superior to others?

(C.T.) Our holsters conceal better than any other holster because of our Cling Tab system. Our holsters specialize in pulling the grip in close to the body. In addition our holsters have the smallest footprint possible. The holster is barely bigger than the gun itself.

(RR) We are always hearing about office pranks, are there any office shenanigans at Clinger Holsters?

(C.T.) Not really. We're all pretty darn busy. Everyone's trying to hit a quota so they can get their bonuses. It's hard to to have time for shenanigans when we're backordered 4 weeks.

(RR) Are there any plans for custom colors in the future?

(T.C.) We used to make holsters with different colors. However, 95% of our customers want black believe it or not. We have since phased out most color options. We're about to phase out the last couple of colors that we currently offer.

(RR) Are there any plans for a line of outside the waistband holsters?

(C.T.) Yes! We are currently testing a couple of prototypes. We hope to have them listed within 2-4 weeks.

(RR) Does Clinger Holsters have any secret plans for the future?

(C.T.) Yes! We are currently working on bringing back our Comfort Holster line. It's getting closer to production. It will add a layer of comfort between your body and the Kydex holster. We have a couple more holsters that will be released before the end of the year as well.

(RR) What is the best way for everyone to get in touch with Clinger Holsters?

(T.C.) Our Customer Care Team is available by phone from 8:00 AM and 2:00PM Central Time. We also try to answer most emails within 24 hours at cs@ClingerHolsters.com. 

(RR) Is there anything else that you would like to add for our readers today?

(T.C.) Although our main focus is Deep Concealment and a Small Footprint, our secondary focus is on affordable prices. We sell our entry level holster for $19.99. That's actually below our cost to produce it. It helps generate some buzz for Clinger Holsters and provides a great holster for anyone out there who needs one for under $20. We will always try to provide the best concealment holsters at the best price.

Pictured above is my personal Sarsilmaz (SAR) B6P Compact, with my Stingray® by Clinger Holsters. Not only is it very sturdy, it is very comfortable and it even makes concealing this firearm possible with little to no printing. For those who do not know; finding holsters specifically made for the SAR B6P Compact is almost impossible.

In conclusion; if you are looking for a great, affordable and highly concealable holster check out Clinger Holsters. Not only are there holsters top notch but so is their staff.  It is hard to beat their 2-week Risk-free Guarantee with a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. As if that wasn't enough; they offer a true Lifetime Warranty that covers everything minus clips and screws, if your holster ever wears out they will repair or replace it for LIFE.

On behalf of myself and the Recoil Recitals family; I would like to personally thank Chris Tedder, President of Clinger Holsters for taking the time to participate in this interview.  I would also like to wish Clinger Holsters the very best for what the future may hold.

"Never let your gun suffer from separation anxiety, Always carry."